About Karlee

Avalon Fine Furnishings is a unique Furniture and Home Accessories business founded by 28 year old Karlee Moffatt.

Just like Avalon a mystical Island of enchanting beauty, with a dash of design magic, your beautifully handcrafted bespoke furniture is waiting in this little oasis to be claimed for your home.

Avalon Fine Furnishings is a reflection of Karlee’s personality and style.

“I’ve always had an eye for glamour and there’s nothing more satisfying then turning a space into a beautiful place you feel relaxed in. My inspiration comes from places I’ve travelled to around the world. I’ve stayed in some truly amazing hotels and the feeling you get from walking into such places, I want to give to people in their own home”

“Being creative is my passion and I want to provide my service to my customers, sharing their enthusiasm and bringing my passion, experience and design skills to their homes and businesses.”

Unlike the prices you pay to stay in such beautiful hotels, Avalon Fine Furnishings unique selling point is that Karlee has individually sourced the best bespoke products at competitive prices, a luxurious alternative to the high street. So if you want your home to become a special place, a place for yourself, loved ones and friends to relax in, with a truly unique design, Karlee is here to make this happen for you!

Avalon Fine Furnishings is beautifully crafted for life so….look no further….shop the look that you desire…..


Karlee Moffatt
Business Owner

“I’ve always had an eye for glamour, I studied performing arts and theatre at university, and I’m inspired by boutique hotels and by places I travel to, the things I find there and people I meet.”


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